Fried Small Green Pepper (Hot)
Smoked Ham and Cheese
Iberian Products Selection
Fried Squids
Fried Baby Squids
Chicken Wings Ai Oli (Garlic Sauce)
Garlic Bread
Provolone (Grilled Cheese)
Prawn Cocktail
Melon with Smoked ham
Bread with Tomato


Tomato and Onion
Tomato and Garlic
Mixed Salad
Tuna Fish Salad
Rice Salad
Tomato and Mozarella
Chicken Salad
Roquefort Salad
Pasta Salad

Soup &Rice

Gazpacho ( Cold Tomato Soup )
Tomato Cream
Chicken Soup wiTH Noodles
Paella León Rojo (M.2P.) (P.P.)

Eggs & Omelettes

Eggs with Bacon
Eggs with Chips
Eggs, Chips and Bacon
Eggs, Chips and Beans
Eggs, Toast and Beans
Eggs, Chips, Beans and Bacon
Eggs, Chips, Bacon and Hamburger
Eggs, Chips, Beans and Sausages
Tuna Fish Omelette ( Chips and Salad)
Mushrooms Omelette (Chips and Salad)
Cheese Omelette (Chips and Salad)
Ham Omelette (Chips and Salad)
Spanish Omelette with Salad
Cheese and Onion Omelette (Chips and Salad)
Ham and Cheese Omelette (Chips and Salad)
Prawn Omelette (Chips and Salad)


Fish and Chips with Salad
Steamed Mussels
Grilled Salmon with Chips and Salad
Mussels León Rojo
Grilled Cuttlefish with Chips and Salad

Grilled Meat

Nuggets with Chips and Salad
Loin of Pork with Chips and Salad
Chicken (1/2) with Chips and Salad
Chicken Wings with Chips and Salad
Escalope Milanesa Style with Chips and Salad

Hamburger and Sandwich

Cheese Burger
Hamburger with Chips
Hamburger with Cheese and Chips
Hamburger with Cheese, Chips and Egg
Hamburger with Cheese, Chips and Bacon
Ham Sandwich
Cheese Sandwich
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Ham, Cheese, Onion and Tomato Sandwich
Vegetarian Sandwich (lettuce, tomato, tuna, egg)
Sausages with Chips
Hot Dog with Chips
Plate of Chips


Panini (tomato, oregano, mozzarella + 1 ingredient)
Panini (tomato, oregano, mozzarella + 2 ingredients)
Mini-Chapata 1 ingredient + tomato
Mini-Chapata 2 ingredients + tomato
Chapata Baguette 1 ingredient + tomato
Chapata Baguette 2 ingredients + tomato
Pizza Baguette (tomato, oregano, mozzarella, ham)
Loin Chapata Baguette + tomato
Chicken Chapata Baguette + tomato


Ham, Cheese, Salami, Tuna Fish, Bacon, Sausage,Oni on, Egg, Chips, Salad

Jacket Potatoes

J.P. with Butter
J.P. with Garlic Sauce
J.P. With Tuna
J.P. With Onion
J.P. with Cheese
J.P. with Onion and Cheese
J.P. with Tuna and Cheese
J.P. with Bacon and Cheese
J.P. with Ham and Cheese
J.P. with Bolognesa sacue
J.P. with Beans