Starters (Tapas)

Fried Small Green Pepper (Hot)
Smoked Ham and Cheese
Iberian Products Selection (Selection of Spanish sausages and Smoked Ham)
Fried Squids
Fried Baby Squids
Mushroom Gratin with Aioli
Chicken Wings
Ai Oli (Garlic Sauce)
Garlic Bread
Provolone (Italian Cheese Baked with Tomato, Smoked ham and Spices)
Prawn Cocktail
Melon with Smoked ham
Prawns with Garlic (Served only with Bread)
Steamed Mussels
Mussels León Rojo (With Spicy Tomato Sauce) (Served only with Bread)
Bread with Tomato


Tomato and Onion
Tomato and Garlic
Mixed Salad
Tuna Fish Salad
Rice Salad
Tomato and Mozarella
Chicken Salad
Roquefort Salad
Pasta Salad

Soup & Rice

Gazpacho ( Cold Vegetables Soup )
Tomato Cream
Chicken Soup with Noodles
Paella (Mixed) (Minimum 2 persons, price per person)
Seafood Paella (Minimum 2 persons, price per person)


Tuna Fish Omelette (with Chips and Salad)
Mushrooms Omelette (with Chips and Salad)
Cheese Omelette (with Chips and Salad)
Ham Omelette (with Chips and Salad)
Spanish Potato Omelette with Salad
Cheese and Onion Omelette (with Chips and Salad)
Ham and Cheese Omelette (with Chips and Salad)
Prawn Omelette (with Chips and Salad)

Grilled Meat BBQ

Mixed Meat Grilled (Pork Fillet Steak, Entrecot, 1/4 Rabbit, Lamb Chop, Chicken BBQ)
T Bone Steak
Chateaubriand (Served with a hot plate) (minimum 2 persons) Price per Person
Fillet Steak Rossini (Fillet Steak with Foie and Sweet Red Wine Reduction)
Fillet Steak Stroganoff (Fillet Steak with a Tomato and Cream Sauce, Onions and Mushrooms)
Fillet Steak
Entrecot Steak
Lamb Chops
Lamb Shoulder
Pork Fillet Steak
Pork Fillet Steak with Onions (Served only With Chips)
Scalopine León Rojo (Pork Fillet Steak with a Tomato and Cream Sauce with Onions, Hot)
Chicken Breast with Pepper Sauce
Chicken Breast with Curry Sauce
Chicken B.B.Q Style
Cordon Bleu
Escalope Milanesa Style (Served with Chips and Salad)
Loin of Pork (Served with Chips and Salad)

Special Sauces to Complement your Meal

Pepper Sauce, Roquefort Sauce, Diana Sauce (Cream sauce with onions and mushrooms-flavored tarragon), Bearnesa Sauce, Mexican Sauce (Hot Spicy), Gypsy Sauce (Special Spanish Tomato Sauce)


Sole Filet León Rojo (Served with a cream sauce with onion-flavored dill)
Grilled Sole
Mixed Fish Grilled (Salmon, Prawns, Swordfish, Mussels, Cuttlefish, Crayfish)
Seabass León Rojo (Baked Sea Bass on a Bed of Potatoes Baked)
Salmon with Green Pepper Sauce
Grilled Salmon
León Rojo Prawns (Grilled Prawns, Flambé, Served only with Salad)
Prawns with Garlic (Served with only Bread)
Scampis (Breaded Fried Pawns)
Grilled Cuttlefish
Sword fish
Fried Cod Fish
Cod Fish With Peper-Nuts Sauce (Served on a bed of potato rounds)
Steamed Mussels (Served without garnish)
Mussels León Rojo (With a Tomato Sauce, Hot Spicy) (Served only with Bread)

All the Above Dishes are Served With Vegetables, Rice and Jacket Potato